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Advanced S&C

Advanced S&C

The Advanced class in the evening is centered around using the kettlebell and barbell. Most days we work on strength and power by mixing the grinds with the ballistic movements. We go heavy frequently! For your conditioning, we also mix in Alactic+Aerobic (A+A) Anti-glycolytic Training (AGT) with explosive kettlebell work and long kettlebell complexes.

We follow the same daily workout on our website, just with less time dedicated to instruction, and more time dedicated to practice. The Hardstyle class after this one is the same class but with more time and attention dedicated to learning the movements.

New to lifting? Barbells and kettlebells are easy and safe to start with, and our coaches are there to teach you everything you need to know. No experience necessary.

Still apprehensive? Try some personal training to get 1-1 attention before joining a group class.