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Advanced S&C

Hardstyle Kettlebell

This is a special class, sign up at least 12 hours ahead of time so that we'll know you'll be there.

Taught by StrongFirst Senior SFG, Jeremy Layport, this class is centered around the kettlebell. You will build up your general strength using StrongFirst training methodology to make the return on investment for training as high as possible.

We use bodyweight work and the kettlebell and barbell lifts to teach both high-tension (slow) grinds, quick lifts ( to express speed and power. Plan Strong, the reverse engineered approach to the former Soviet weightlifting methodology that gave them storied Olympic success, will be used for most strength training planning as well as some time-honored and tested powerlifting plans. Strong Endurance anti-glycolitic training, will be used for conditioning.

This class is centered around the kettlebells with some additional work on bodyweight training and then barbell training. The barbell lifts consist primarily of the powerlifts like deadlifts, squats, bench press, and press - we won’t be using the Olympic lifts due to their mobility requirements and highly technical nature.

This class is ideal for anyone looking for all-around strength and conditioning. Endurance athletes will benefit from the anti-glycolitic training - our approach to incorporating strength training for endurance sports.

We are also believers in the beautiful simplicity of the kettlebell. Kettlebell movements are simple to grasp, but deceptively challenging and push you harder than you thought - and they’re fun!

New to lifting? Barbells and kettlebells are easy and safe to start with, and provide a lifetime of challenges to master. Our coaches will teach you everything you need to know, no experience necessary.

Still apprehensive? Try some personal training to get some 1-1 attention before you join our group class.

At Barbell Strategy, we don’t force the coaches to fit our mold, we find the best coaches and let them express themselves and their philosophies through their work. Jeremy Layport owns the Hardstyle Kettlebell class, read all about him here.