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Strategic Strength

Strength & Conditioning

At Barbell Strategy, we like to keep it simple - we believe in barbells and kettlebells. In this program, you will get lots of exposure to the traditional powerlifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift), but our history is centered around the Olympic lifts (snatch, clean, and jerk), so you’ll get practice with those too. All these movements can seem deceptively simple, but provide a lifetime of challenges to master!

Strategic Strength builds strength and power for the long-term. We strategically design this program with a novel approach of waving the load and volume that works equally well if you’re committed to showing up every day - you don’t need rest days - or if you have an unpredictable schedule - our progressions move slow enough so you won’t miss out by missing a day.

We’ll focus mainly on the power lifts - squat, press, deadlift - and basic kettlebell movements, revisiting them frequently so that you’ll become an expert in the movements. We focus on technique and safety and will always meet you where you are - all skill-levels are welcome!

You can check out the daily workout on our website. We program it to progress your strength and fitness over time, but it’s not so rigid that you can’t miss a day. We believe our smart approach to programming sets us apart.

New to lifting? Barbells and kettlebells are easy and safe to start with, and our coaches are there to teach you everything you need to know. No experience necessary.

Still apprehensive? Try some personal training to get 1-1 attention before joining a group class.